AAS Trust Awards from the Fall 2003 Meeting

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From the Trust

Arkansas Audubon Society Trust Report Sprung 2917

I’m calling on all members and past grant recipients to help grow the Endowment-Memorial Fund to $200k by the 50th anniversary in 2022. We need about another $40k within four years. Investment income from the fund pays for grants like the ones below. Tax-deductible contributions can be sent to: Barry Haas, Treasurer, 804 Konrad Ct., Little Rock, 72223. My thanks to those who have donated, and a special thanks to Dr. Ragupathy Kannan who continues to use his overseas birding tours as a fundraiser for the Trust.


At the spring 2017 meeting the Trustees gave 7 awards totaling $3,184.


  • Alyssa DeRubeis (M.S., University of Arkansas at Fayetteville) was granted $244 to compare the value of restored grasslands to remnant sites for nesting and non-breeding birds.

  • Emma Gaither (B.S., Hendrix College) had her pot sweetened with $400 to study the effect of noise interference on waggle dance communication and honey bee foraging.

  • Stephanie Nefas (M.S., Arkansas Tech) takes home $450 to document evidence of disturbance on Least Tern breeding behavior and reproductive success.

  • Northwest AR Master Naturalists    will supply Chimney Swifts with a tower on the campus of John Brown University for $450.

  • Ozark Natural Science Center have $700 in seed money to grow a native plant and bird observation garden.

  • Mitchell Pruitt (M.S. University of Arkansas at Fayetteville) netted $540 to continue tracking Northern Saw-whet Owls.

  • John Veon (B.S., Hendrix College) will wager $400 on whether wintering waterfowl are disturbed by traffic noise.


Dan Scheiman, Chair

AAS Trust




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