AAS Trust Awards from the Fall 2003 Meeting

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From the Trust

Arkansas Audubon Society Trust Report Fall 2018

The call continues for all members, past Trustees, and past grantees to help grow the Endowment-Memorial Fund to $200k by the 50th anniversary in 2022. We need about another $33k within four years. Investment income from the fund pays for grants like the ones below. Tax-deductible contributions can be sent to: Barry Haas, Treasurer, P.O. Box 242088, Little Rock, AR 72223. My thanks to those who have donated, and a special thanks to Dr. Ragupathy Kannan who continues to use his overseas birding tours as a fundraiser for the Trust.  

At the fall 2018 meeting the Trustees gave 5 awards totaling $5,960.

         Emily Donahue (M.S., ASU) cached $760 for her study of the winter ecology and physiology of Loggerhead Shrikes.

         Kevin Krajcir (M.S., ASU) received $1,000 to explore the relationship between warblers and their feather mites. He is also the winner of the Dough James Award, for this ground-breaking research and for his contribution to this Society as our Publicity Chair.

         Doug Raybuck (Ph.D., U. TN) netted a record $2,400 to explore Cerulean Warbler winter ecology in Colombia. He also heads up a multi-country, multi-university, multi-disciplinary team studying the full annual life cycle of this species of high conservation concern.

         Jacob Wessels (M.S., ASU) is also studying Cerulean Warblers, and now has another $800 to continue his work previously supported by our Eulalia Araoz Memorial Grant.

         Joseph Youtz, (M.S., ASU) was awarded $1,000, including the Max Parker Award, to continue his examination of Prothonotary Warbler occupancy of fragmented woodlots. 

In response to Ninestone Land Trust’s request we challeged them to do their own fundraising to match Trust funds to up $500. With help from Joe Neal’s plea on ARBIRD-L they accomplished this in a matter of hours! Now they have over a thousand dollars to apply to habitat restoration. 

Dan Scheiman, Chair

AAS Trust


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