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Fall 2016 Meeting of the AAS

The 2016 Fall Convention of the Arkansas Audubon Society (AAS) will be held September 9-11 at the Delta Resort & Spa near McGehee in SE Arkansas. The emphasis will be on large waders like spoonbills, ibis, etc.  Watch this space for details as they become available.

Fall 2016 Adult Workshops

The fall adult workshops will be held again at Ferncliff Camp in Ferndale, AR on September 17-18, 2016.  Ferndale is about 12 miles west of Little Rock. The  three workshops are Aquatic Biology, Monarch Butterflies, Bird Friendly Backyards. Click here for details on the workshops and here to download the registration form.


 Say's Phoebe - photo by Lyndal York

Highlight of the Holla Bend NWR field trip. This bird was discovered by Amy and Joe Hall and subsequently admired by many. Uncommon in Arkansas and the first record for Holla Bend NWR.


Send us information on your rare bird discoveries!
Use our e-mail connection for submitting your records of rare or out-of-season bird observations to the AAS Curator.

Checklists of the Birds of Arkansas
The 2009 AAS Field Checklist of the birds of Arkansas is available for downloading. This is a five page download. This valuable resource provides a listing of all the species of birds that occur in Arkansas with detail codes on distribution, abundance, and dates of occurrence for each. 

Species added to the checklist since the 2009 publication can be found here

If you would like 15 copies or more of the new 2015 checklist, email us at arbirds  at Single copies are available at AAS conventions.

Documentation Supporting Listing in the AAS Field List
This PDF document provides the type of supporting documentation for the listing of each species in the Arkansas Audubon Society Field List. 

For a list of new species added to the AAS Field List since 1986 click here . Each species page contains a photo and a summary.

Member Address Changes
If you move or have an address change, please notify the AAS Treasurer
(twbutler1941 at to insure that you continue to receive the AAS newsletter regularly.

Butterflies of Arkansas
A  2014 updated checklist of the butterflies of Arkansas, created by Herschel Raney, is available here .

Downloadable Brochures!
We also have a printable brochure about the Arkansas Audubon Society that you can download and print on your computer.  Click Here to download our brochure (595k). Please understand these files can be quite large and may take several minutes to download.





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We hope you will find our website informative and useful. As you look through our site you'll find information about becoming a member of the Arkansas Audubon Society and a convenient online form you can use to start that process. You can now pay your membership with a credit card.

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Long-billed Curlew -  photo by Dottie Boyles

This very rare bird was discovered by Terry Butler and David Finch at Bald Knob NWR on May 13, 2016. This is the 7th record for this species in Arkansas. This species migrates from the Texas Coast through the great plains.


Help With Bird Identification

If you have difficulty identifying Arkansas birds check out the helpful identification sheets at ASCABird .

General Information

You can also find other information about the Arkansas Audubon Society including our Mission and our By-Laws, as well as the Society Trust, and  Arkansas Birds, our quarterly newsletter that all AAS members receive.


Would you like a scholarship to  attend a nature camp or a grant to perform bird related research?  Click on this link  for more information. 


The photographs you see on the masthead were taken by AAS members , Robert Herron, Edie Calaway, Lyndal York


Halberg Ecology Camp
Kids and parents, be sure to check out our Halberg Ecology Camp page where you'll find details on how kids can enjoy a summer camp where they can have fun and experience a unique learning opportunity.

Halberg Ecology Camp

Students experience nature, hands-on, at the Halberg Ecology Camp. The  2016 Camp dates  are: 1st session June 12 - June17, 2nd session June 19 - 24.  Additional details are available on the Halberg Ecology Camp webpage.

If you would like to help support the Halberg Ecology Camp, send your check to Treasurer, Ecology Camp, 804 Konrad Court, Little Rock, AR 72223-9201. Donations are tax exempt.






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